Good Night Heart by My bubba & Mi

In all my reviews to date, I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed with a group than I am with My bubba & Mi. A couple weeks ago, I reviewed a Wesley Willis cover of “Rock N Roll McDonalds” performed by The Shut-Ins. In that review, I mentioned (quite briefly) my love for harmonized vocals. Well, this week might I be the first to present the first ever a capella performance to be reviewed on the Free Music Revue: “Good Night Heart” by My bubba & Mi.

My bubba & Mi is made up of two absurdly talented women, Bubba and My, along with a troupe of other equally talented sidemen women, who represent the ‘Mi’ in My bubba Mi. Bubba is quite fond of both the guitar and banjo, while My has a really old table harp that is brought out occasionally. The two are phenomenal singers and musicians who met by chance in Copenhagen a few years ago. What began as an evening ritual to pass the time soon led the girls to Italy to record their first album. Since then they have been touring around Europe, impressing and charming at Iceland Airwaves and Eurosonic, Into the Great Wide Open in Vlieland and The Band Room in Great Britain.

My only grudge with Good Night Heart is that it is far too short (run time is just about a minute). That being said, the beauty and jaw dropping talent demonstrated in Good Night Heart easily make up for the limited duration. Within seconds of pressing play, I had goosebumps running straight down my arm. The harmonies are stunningly beautiful. Simple and yet sophisticated, with a hint of something old and something new.

As warm and sweetly sung as this track is, you’d be crazy not to download it. This daringly sweet pair of ladies is going nowhere but up and you’d be foolish not to join them along the way. I’d dare say that if this track doesn’t send a chill straight down your spine, you’re likely incapable of feeling emotion.

Download and/or listen to the track here.

This song is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States license.
Feel free to share the song and remix it as long as you credit the artist with a link, take no money and if you release your version, you have to use this very same license. 

To read the full license, click here.

2 Comments on “Good Night Heart by My bubba & Mi”

  1. mybubbaandmi says:

    tim, let’s meet for a coffee someday! we’ll do it singing

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